The business systems and concepts developed by FMI over the years are designed specifically for funeral home operators and related enterprises.

While many funeral home owners have a basic understanding of most elements that influence income and expense, FMI clients are able to refine and focus their cost analyses to obtain a clearer picture of the pricing structures and cost controls that lead to higher percentage profits.

Ask yourself this question: Do you really understand how each of the following elements can help or hinder your profitability?
  • Operating expenses
  • Case volume
  • Adult service charge average
  • Adult casket wholesale average
  • Adult casket wholesale average mark-up recovery
  • Partial services and merchandise averages
  • Vault retail and cost averages
  • Miscellaneous income averages
  • Non-operating income

Chances are, you take some of these into account as you develop your yearly business projections. But FMI clients use ALL of them to increase profitability.
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