Dale E. Espich

Maybe not as much as you think. Dale Espich can help you find out.

Through Dale E. Espich & Associates, Inc., you can determine the exact worth of a funeral home business when you’re preparing to buy or sell, or when you’re planning for succession. In addition, an accurate evaluation is critical in expert witness situations, and for lost profit issues.

As a consultant to over 500 firms, Dale Espich’s precise evaluations have been invaluable to funeral home owners. He has also successfully negotiated over $200 million for sales and transfers, whether for an employee, the competition, or even family.

Widely considered an expert on funeral profitability, he has published countless articles on business valuations, management analysis, and casket merchandising. You’ve worked hard, and you require the most accurate possible evaluation. Trust the expert with nearly 40 years of financial management experience in the industry.


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