“What does FMI actually do for funeral home owners?”
Here is a brief listing of the approach we take to increasing your profitability:
  • In-depth analysis of your complete financial and profitability structure.
  • Convert all income and expenses to the way your business really operates--
  • Project all costs to help you adjust your pricing for merchandise and services, keeping them “in synch” to generate fair pricing for your client families and fair profit for you.
  • Take the guesswork out of your rate card and help you “price for profit.”
“Exactly what kind of analysis do you perform?”
Among others, we carefully examine your current profits, all expenses, total revenues, casket averages, service charges, and adult and vault trends. Then, we supply a 50-page full-color report with graphics that helps you actually visualize the trends in your profitability. We also provide a personal on-site visit with a full explaination, answers to your questions, and discussion of all of the firms problems, opportunities, etc.

“How can I be sure your services will help my business?”
Since we have been in business for many years and because we stand behind our work offering a service guarantee, we are confident your business will improve. Feel free to ask any of our current clients.

“What are the ‘two critical questions’?”
You’ve probably tried to answer at least one of them: “How much should you charge?” But there’s another: “How much can you charge?” Our complete analyses will give you that important answer.

“Can FMI services enhance my retirement strategy?”
When you’re ready to sell your business, or pass it along to the next generation, it will be worth more if it’s more profitable. The average value of funeral homes is declining every year. FMI methods can help you reverse that trend.

“How do FMI strategies and systems work?”
There are only three ways to increase profit: reduce costs, expand the client base, and charge enough for the services you provide. FMI tools will help you do all three. We help you toward a clearer understanding of all factors that affect your expenses, which is crucial. At the same time, we provide strategies that help generate more business.


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